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Nov 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
voters president obama could capture? >> i do not want to talk about internal polling, but let me say this, based on what i am seeing, i am very confident the president will have a good night here in new -- here on tuesday. we are working hard to make sure we have every obama supporter out there and out there to vote so we do have a victory. i think it will be closer, closer to the 2004 election when senator kerrey won. i do think president obama will pull it off, because he has such an excellent ground game, and because of these big city issu that are born to the people of new hampshire. we talk about real depth is a reduction, the spefics of his plan, unlike mitt romney to has yet to answer how he will pay for his plan. the people understand you want someone willing to talk about specifics, someone who has a record of cutting taxes for working-class and middle-class people. someone who has a record for cutting taxes for small businesses. the president has signed 18 tax cuts into law for small business people. i think the people of n hampshire, when they look at the president's recor
Oct 31, 2012 8:00pm EDT
: in the average of polls and the state of new hampshire, president obama has a slight edge, 48.8 to 46.8. you can see the specific polls that have been taken giving obama an edge in some and romney a edge in others. neill in ohio, independent caller. caller: i will not say my last name, but i will say that i already voted, i am truly independent. i must say, i found it disgusting that mid romney would stay in ohio to collect canned goods if he truly believes we should be reliant on private enterprise if there is a disaster. why doesn't he does take millions of dollars out of his own pocket and buy canned goods and send them in and continue on his way? instead, he sends coleman to ohio to talk about what he says on abortion, which is untrue. at the same point in time, he is changing his game and changing every view. we know he bashed fema. the president is doing his job. he is not doing anything but his job. host: the front page of the "boston globe" shows the impact of the storm, millions reeling. the "hartford courant" has this headline. go ahead, neil levesque. guest: it affected new hampshire
Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
they realize how crucial that vote was. >> at the polls show that president obama one hispanic vote in colorado, two-thirds of the hispanic vote. it is a big part of the campaign for this election one week away. what about the impact of gary johnson on the ballot in colorado? >> he was our governor to the south and he is someone who is enthusiastic about some of his issues. and where he dovetails with colorado is the issue on the ballot to legalize marijuana. he was for the decriminalization and the legalization of marijuana. i think you'll have some fringe -- on the french voters not only libertarians but unaffiliated voters. he does not have a message to -- money to get his message out. he is a semi-known quantity although shelf life is starting to expire. out of boulder county which is the key base for the democrats, you have a great party candidate. that will appeal a little bit but gary johnson will, in a distant third in colorado. >> here is our first caller: . caller: i want to know why the senate is not being held responsible. he can only do so much. notnt to know why they're be held ac
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to the cnn international poll, 50% of likely voters support president obama with a 48% backing governor romney. the margin as within the sampling error. we expect the president to arrive shortly. ♪ president obama, who we are waiting for, picked up the endorsement today from new york mayor michael bloomberg. in a statement, he said hurricane sandy could be evident of climate change. one sees climate change as an urgent problem that threatens our planet and one does not. i want a president to put scientific evidence about the electoral politics. -- above electoral politics. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, to introduce the president of the united states -- [cheers and applause] >> hi, voters! how are you guys? how are you fired up? are you ready to hear the president's speech? me, too. my name is savanna, i am a colorado native and then turn for the obama campaign. and a huge fan of our president. [applause] i am incredibly lucky to have grown ups and my family with four generations of really strong women, each of whom have taught me a lot about standing up for what i believe in. that is w
Oct 31, 2012 1:00am EDT
and that they will drive them to the polls whereas they may not be as interested in the presidential election. host: who would that help in the presidential candidates? guest: it would help president obama. i was talking to someone on the issue of colorado amendment 64. it is a republican stronghold but support for legalization down there was high among both democrats and republicans. that is a testament to the libertarian spirit. it's really not the government's business what i do in the privacy of my own home and a lot of them look at the nation's war on drugs, specifically marijuana and things were a lot of money has been wasted on the effort. people were pushing the legalization efforts here equate marijuana and alcohol and the measure calls to regulate marijuana like alcohol. our newspaper has supported legalization. we came out in opposition to amendment 64, the legalization piece this year, because we did not think this was the right vehicle. host: what about third-party candidates in colorado? guest: a lot of us in colorado who have already received their ballots and saw the number of candidates
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5